Rewarding Experiences

As the Clinic Director and a HBOT technician at Sunrise Family Wellness, I have
the distinct and unique experience of being able to help others in achieving the
ultimate goal in life, optimal health. It is truly a privilege to be part of every patient’s journey to improving their physical and mental well being. Our patients come from all walks of life and enter our clinic at varying levels of health. Some have been unfortunate in life to have experience life altering chronic or acute conditions, while others are seemingly healthy individuals who are just looking to be in peak condition for the best quality of life and for the longest amount of time. Regardless of what brought them to us, the goal is still the same. All patients are looking to improve their health and their life.

Some of the most rewarding experiences I have encountered while providing
care to patients is when an individual has encountered a significant life altering event leaving them in a reduced state of health. Patients who have or are currently battling cancer, stroke, concussion, or TBI, naming just a few, all allow me to bear witness to some amazing results. I have watched stroke patients with partial paralysis regain control and strength in limbs allowing them to return to a more normal productive life. I have witnessed cancer patients use HBOT to mitigate the negative side effects of cancer treatment, such as chemotherapy and radiation. I have worked with multiple concussion patients who were left significantly impaired by debilitating migraines, equilibrium issues, and severe cognitive decline and were able to completely reverse the effects of the concussions and return to a normal life.

There are also a number of psychological conditions that HBOT is beneficial in
treating. We have a number of patients that suffer from anxiety, depression, ADHD,
and ADD. Patients with anxiety report feeling more calm and relaxed after HBOT
treatment with the positive affects lasting beyond their sessions. Those suffering from depression express a greater sense of happiness and positivity during and after their HBOT sessions. Individuals that struggle with ADHD report feeling more calm and
being able to think clearly, while those who have ADD express an increase in energy
along with an improved desire to accomplish things while remaining focused.

These are just a few of the many positive and enriching experiences that I have
been able to be a part of while working with patients and their loved ones at Sunrise
Family Wellness. Providing HBOT treatment to individuals is such a rewarding and
beneficial experience for both the patient and the provider. There is nothing more
satisfying than to help someone improve their health and watch them become happier
and more productive in life because of it. HBOT is a treatment that everyone should
incorporate into their overall health and wellbeing program. It will allow you to live a more positive and fruitful life.

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Rewarding Experiences

As the Clinic Director and a HBOT technician at Sunrise Family Wellness, I have the distinct and unique experience of being able to help others

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